Coughlin Campanile, South Dakota

The Coughlin Campanile was completed on the campus of South Dakota State University(SDSU) in 1929. Costing $75,000, it was a gift to the University from Charles Coughlin, a graduate from the class of 1909. The Campanile is a chimes tower that rises to 165 feet and is located on Medary Ave. The tower’s chimes cover three octaves and can be “played” manually from an organ in the nearby Lincoln Music Hall.

The Campanile also appears in SDSU’s business logo and on most letterheads. In August of 2000, as a part of “Visions for the Future” campaign over 4,000 alumni and businesses donated a total of $540,000 to have the Campanile restored.┬áThis restoration included mortar work and replacement of parts of the limestone base. For many years the Coughlin Campanile was the tallest structure in South Dakota and is the iconic figure for the campus and the city. During the summer it chimes and can be heard across campus. Its distinctive red lamp at the top is a familiar beacon on a dark┬áprairie night that welcomes travelers from tens of miles away.