Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf Course

Imagine living on a golf course. Have you thought of building a home near or inside one? Are there golf courses that accommodate residences? Probably none, you’d think or could be, you don’t know any. But there’s this one, the Ocean Ridge Golf Course in North Carolina. It is known for the Ocean Ridge Plantation, Sunset Beach which contains the golf homes and communities and it is, so far, the only known plantation between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach that offers residential homes. The Ocean Ridge Golf Course can be divided into 3 categories to name its features, provisions, and privileges.


There are four 18-hole courses namely the Tiger’s Eye which was recently nominated by the Golf Digest as the “Best New Golf Course in America”, also known as the “Ocean Ridge’s crown jewel”, it is a cerebral-person’s course that requires precise shots and suitable for short games; the Panther’s Run which has been selected as one of the “Best New Courses in the Carolinas” comprises of twists and turns with varying elevations and picturesque water features that have been very popular to the Golf for Women magazine listed as one of the “Top 100 Fairways for 2000”; the Lion’s Paw which is “The Best in the Myrtle Beach Area”; and the latest, the Leopard’s Chase which features fine natural landscapes and dramatic elevation changes. These four, apparently showcasing the cat family, are known as the “Big Cats”.

Real Estate.

You would be surprised to be offered with three options when you plan to live in Ocean Ridge. Residential homesites could be built with fairway, woods or lake views, and that, of course, would spell expensive. But for low-maintenance homes, there are water and golf views. Be it high-priced or low-priced, the privilege of enjoying the scenic views and ample conveniences of the ridge are shared equally.


Expect a restaurant, lounge, children’s playground, marinas, horse-back riding and the esteemed pro shop housed and experienced in the vicinity of the golf course. The plantation gardens are delights to anyone’s appreciative eye for fruit trees such as grapevines and blueberry bushes. And if you happen to own a property there, feel free to use the nearby garden plots to plant herbs and vegetables. Plus, property owners can take the pleasure of the indoor heated lap pool, expansive outdoor pool, fitness center, lighted tennis courts, fishing pier, hiking and biking trails. It would be such a high to live in the ridge. But you have to know that the Ocean Ridge Golf Course is not only open to property owners, but it is also open to everyone who can and cannot play golf. How can you not pay a visit and try out the ridge? By word of mouth, the news will come to you. The Ocean Ridge Golf Course is one place worth visiting. For those who aspire to be golf players, here is training for beginners. For trained ones, practices are held and tournaments are being booked. Once you set foot on the grass, the place will capture your heart for its ever breathtaking sceneries that you would want to see every day. The vastness of the place is indeed so welcoming that you would want more. Live or just play? You have the options.