North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Outer Banks, North Carolina automatically pops out of the screen when you type into a search engine the word, “outer banks” and boom, you’ll suddenly realize how famous the outer banks of North Carolina really has become. Though you may find the terms “coast” and “outer banks” closely related and normally being used alternately, North Carolina is still known for the latter – the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Outer Banks are quite easy to find along the North Carolina coast. It is a string of barrier islands, containing the islands from north to south Bodie Island, Roanoke Island, Hatteras Island, and Ocracoke Island with more than 130 miles long that faces the Atlantic Ocean. It offers endless options for exciting activities for 7 million visitors and its residents that visit regularly. The islands refuge wildlife and veil great water fun for nature lovers who seek calm and private beaches for sport or relaxation. If you seek adventure, arts, dining, beach fun, and historical tours, the Outer Banks is a fantasy world made real for you.

  • Exact location: Midway on the Atlantic Seaboard, 90 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia and 321 miles north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • Accessibility: From Virginia – accessible by Highways 168 and 158 From North Carolina – by Highway 64.
  • Description: Surrounded by 900 square miles of water; the third largest estuary system in the world with wildlife refuges, maritime forests, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and the highest sand dunes on the East Coast at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

The Outer Banks contain extra-special features that make people want to visit often. First, the largest stretches of protected beaches in the country are situated there. Second, the East Coast of the Outer Banks is well-known to surfers of all levels – it is an easy practice location for beginners and both interesting and challenging for experienced ones especially when storms dare the seas. Windsurfing chances and surf-fishing opportunities are activities also worth trying in the Outer Banks. People who visit the Outer Banks are so much amazed in discovering the shores of the Atlantic’s crisp blue waters. It has become a virtual playground for simple adventures like bird-watching, golf, hiking, windsurfing, and fishing. It would be such a great adventure too when you pay a visit to Corolla in Currituck County where you could find the famous brick lighthouse of North Carolina. If shopping would be one of the itineraries in your to-do list, Duck and Nags Head are shopping areas most visited by guests because of their abundance in bargains and branded items ranging from things you both want and need. The Outer Banks have experienced tough times including beach erosions and hurricanes but the places get restored and significantly, one of the finest vacation getaways in the United States. The Outer Banks are never short to delight every visiting individual for the innate richness and several adventure options. Definitely, the Outer Banks are a collection of a lifetime wonder that you could not afford to miss.