World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

North Carolina’s High Point’s nick as the “Home Furnishing Capital of the World” has been true to its name for having been crowded with furniture manufacturers, a Furniture Discovery Center and pier wall bargain hunters. Imagine the battles that have formed in the city, with big competition among other sellers, companies have been thinking of ways to woo prospective customers on their side, including the leveling up the best in quality and design while selling them in the most affordable prices possible. As the temperature of competition that has been formed among manufacturers is continuously rising, two structures in the area seem to have been erected not to signify competition but to mark the place’s prosperity of the furniture business: two giant chests of drawers which are the world’s largest chests of drawers.

The 1920s witnessed the rise of the first chest of drawers by the High Point Chamber of Commerce: a twenty-foot tall building-with-knobs which originally served as the local “bureau of information.” The chest actually serves as a facade of a building where the home of the humanitarian organization, the High Point Jaycees, is situated. The two gigantic socks that dangle from a drawer symbolize “the city’s hosiery industry.” The building was completely renovated and repainted in 1996, adding up more levels, converting it into a 38-foot tall Goddard-Townsend chest. Serving as a prototype is a real chest, and everyone can still view it in the local visitor information center lobby.

Although not freestanding, another large chest of drawers is also notably built-in Furnitureland South. It is eighty feet tall, more than twice the size that of High Point but it’s only attached to a big furniture shop. What does this indicate? That fabrication technology can lead to a number of possibilities! Imagine how High Point would look like when architects and designers became truly devoted to the craft that the city has been identified with. Buildings, houses, and other structures may look like chairs, cabinets and drawers. They may look weird but they are truly symbolical and interesting. For those who are interested to visit the largest chest of drawers in the world, it is located at 508 North Hamilton St., High Point, North Carolina. If you are driving then proceed North on Main Street for five miles. Cross the railroad tracks, then in five blocks turn right onto Westwood Ave where The Chest can be found just two blocks straight ahead, at the intersection of Westwood and Hamilton Streets. Admission is free and it is open at daylight hours.