Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Normally, a waterfall is described to be high and spacious. We’ve seen that from movies and heard of it from our teachers. But few of us realize that anything big has a counterpart, a small one. So, if there are big waterfalls, there are definitely small waterfalls as well and many small waterfalls are scattered all around the Blue Ridge Mountains. Surprise yourself by glancing at these hidden places and get the chance to discover new ones on your own. Juneywhank Falls, Tom Branch Falls, Indian Creek Falls, Mingo Falls, Little Creek Falls, Twentymile Cascade, Forney Creek Cascade, and Hazel Creek Cascade plus a whole lot more. Those small waterfalls not on this list are recently and still being discovered by photographers and hikers but even they, claim, that the small waterfalls seem to be endless in number. They seem to multiply once in a while. Most small waterfalls stand at about 20 to 60 feet. They come from different areas – near drainage, river, cabin, mill or trail. Their source is running water from anywhere in the mountains and miraculously, the small waterfalls are formed beautifully. It is just so amazing to see waterfalls everywhere that even hikers are dumfounded with nature’s ability to bring forth these charming babies.

Some waterfalls are man-made though. Some are privately owned. Some hide. Some appear today and not tomorrow. They are magical forms of water whose tricks are for you to master. Don’t be lost when you escape to the mountains. Be aware of the names and characteristics each one has. Unless you have poor memory, they will keep surprising you. That is why it would be good to follow trails and go with a group when you get crazy over hunting new waterfalls. They are tough to find but when you least expect it, that is when they will appear right before you. And once they are there, they will completely show off their talent – the sound of the water flowing through the rocks, the scent of the grass, the natural but spectacular view of a waterfall just as alive as you can imagine. Your senses give the best memories in every experience you encounter. They are the antennas of time warp and the veins of nostalgia. When you use your eyes, the sights to see are images saved in your memory box. When you use your nose, the scent brings you back to the moment. When you use your ears, the sounds take you to another place. These three senses are essentials to travel. And undeniably, something you must take with you to the mountains during your waterfall hunting. Why focus on the senses when the waterfalls are what bring you here? Simple. Your senses and nature connect instantly that once they blend, the feeling makes you love the world more. So, what are you waiting for? Please yourself with these small waterfalls. Small indeed but truly memorable.