Swain County, North Carolina

Swain is a county of North Carolina and is where the most popular whitewater rafting river is located, the Nantahala River. Formed in 1971, Swain came from parts of Jackson County and Macon County and was named from David L. Swain who was North Carolina’s who was once a governor of North Carolina from 1832 to 1835 before becoming the president of the University of North Carolina from 1835 to 1868. The county’s popularity boils down on the mountain trails and the scenic terrains it offers to locals and tourists alike. Much of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, including its highest peak, can be located in the Swain as well as the highest dam, Lake Fontana. The county boasts its panoramic mountain views and beautiful mountain roadways, one of which is the Blue Ridge Parkway. As the perfect place for a mountain vacation, Swain County is home to a number of scenic roads, offering a spectacular view to anyone who spends their time driving in the area. Some of these roads include the Blue Ridge Parkway which connects Fontana Dam and Nantahala Gorge, the Cherohala Skyway, The Road to Nowhere and the Dragon’s tail.

Swain has the curviest of roads, but one can choose to take a break from the driving and get off from the car from time to time and enjoy the surroundings, and probably have a small picnic. One famous stopover is the Tree of Shame at Deal’s Gap. This tree serves as a makeshift shrine to riders who left their gears in one of the most challenging rides (a road with 318 curves) for motorcycles and sports cars. Some of the most enjoyable places to visit while staying at Swain are the following. Aside from the park itself the Great Smoky Mountains also boasts its own Railroad. Travel comfortably via train and be amazed by the place while riders enjoy comfortable coaches, club cars, dining cars and cabooses which are ideal for picture taking. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino is for people who want to enjoy mutual fun in the beautiful county. This 24-hour casino features 2,700 video gaming machines, great restaurants, live entertainment, and culturally-themed educational childcare facility. This casino is open 24 hours, seven days a week.

To enjoy further while learning more about the mountainous Swain County and the Great Smoky Mountains, visit the Mountain Farm Museum. The museum offers visitors a leisure time to walk through farm buildings, barn, blacksmith shops, gardens and walking trail that will give visitors a deeper understanding of their surroundings. The museum also hosts two festivals every year, one dedicated to women and the other on life in the mountain. Staying in Swain may be translated into an escape for some, especially for those who just want to spend their vacation relaxing and recharging for the next chapter of their working life. Other than its natural beauty, Swain also offers the greatest dining options and shopping places for people who want to leave with them a piece of the county on the day they’ll be going back to their real worlds.