Apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina

They say Charlotte is a “great place to call home”. From the testimonies of locals, new resident owners, and publications, Charlotte is said to be sought-after. Labeled as the “Most Livable City”, it promises the quality of life, affordability, and residential options. If you are aiming for a good spot to live, Charlotte is the best option. Not to mention its business centrality and numerous recreational opportunities, the catchiness of the Charlotte apartments and condominium units boil down from the surrounding neighborhoods that you can freely explore. The diversity of neighborhoods in Charlotte exhibits streets lined in trees contoured alongside the modern architectures of houses and apartments. To the Dilworth side, bungalows, mansions, and apartments are attractive locations one would be fond to drive through. To the First Ward, a prosperous place of housing options awaits to be discovered, comprising townhouse apartments for rent and traditional houses that charm visitors and resident lookouts.

Undoubtedly, the availability and variety of apartments in Charlotte are not too far to reach. Charlotte provides reasonable prices and amenities ranging from studios to bungalows, 2-story townhouse apartments to luxurious complexes with pools, courts and clubhouses all in. They are really plenty and though you might find it difficult to select one, you will definitely find one that suits your personality. Amongst the communities that you may want to visit once you step foot onto Charlotte are: the “Old Charlotte” where you could find the oldest and loveliest houses that have stayed there for centuries; the “Center City” a very popular community where most Charlotteans live; the “South Charlotte” which is one of the most wanted neighborhoods in Charlotte with provisions for recreational sports activities and lush living; the “East Charlotte” where rural life is the theme and community visits are the everyday routine; the “University City” where the University of North Carolina, Lowe’s Motor Speedway, restaurants, theaters, and shopping centers are to be found; and, the “Lake Norman or North Charlotte” which is a great hideaway popular for parks, lakes, retail shops and restaurants.

It may surely be fun to tour around Charlotte’s neighborhoods once in a while but you may want to reconsider permanent living in this town when you find out how life there is, neither fast nor slow. The quality of life in the Queen City is a city-life and southern friendliness wrapped in one location. The residents enjoy the fresh air and the climate that secures enjoyment in the city. If you happen to be a sports fanatic, truly life would be heaven for you in Charlotte because local teams of the NFL and the races of NASCAR are incredibly close at hand. The place is urbanized indeed but the spirit is old and friendly – things you would not find every day in your own streets.