Carolina Panthers Stadium

To cheer yourself with the spirit of camaraderie and sports, the Carolina Panthers Stadium is the perfect place to visit. Get ready to witness an intense crowd of people, allow yourself to blend in with the sound of cheers, and free yourself as you acquire an infectious vigor present in all corners of the stadium. The Carolina Panthers Stadium is one of the top stadiums in the National Football League (NFL). Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, it was one of the first cities foreseen to be a site for a new NFL team. It was in 1993 that the Charlotteans’ dream of having a local NFL team came true and they did receive the franchise to begin playing in 1995. This then was the start of the Carolina Panthers and the construction of the stadium. The stadium was first bought by Ericsson Inc., naming it Ericsson Stadium but in 2004, the Panthers and Bank of America decided to make a 20-year deal to rename it as Bank of America Stadium. It was the first few stadiums to be financed privately by club owners.

In a gaming venue, it would be natural to see bleachers enveloping the place, a wide field where athletes stage their play, a booth for the sport announcers and an opening entrance of the athletes when they are introduced before the game; but what strikes visitors of the Carolina Panthers Stadium is its premium appearance very enticing to the eyes. The Carolina Panthers Stadium or Bank of America Stadium is uniquely designed with gigantic archways, gleaming black granite frontals, and domed towers. You will also see a pair of eight-feet black panthers displayed and perched on the ten-foot pedestals located on each side of the entrances decorated with the brightly lit towers witnessed every night. The stadium can accommodate 73,000 people to 73,000 blue and silver seats surrounding the arena, not including those who wish to stand during the entire game.

It boasts numerous amenities including the Bank of America club with 158 luxury suites, training facilities and types of equipment, administrative offices, and three practice venues. If you may wish to ask how they score the game, there are two huge scoreboards placed atop the stadium’s upper deck seen on each of the end zones. But why should you really come by to attend a game at the stadium when you can just see it on television? Well… the experience is immeasurable finding yourself trapped in a world of excitement and sports and yes, it’s worth your expenses. The energy of the crowd is just so quick to adapt to and you would feel incredibly addicted to what you see and feel at the moment you watch the game.

And though the place is made for the athletes and your role is to watch and not really get to explore the place, there are big chances of seeing the whole stadium on other days through a tour. You should know that they accommodate visitors on Wednesdays at 10:00 am so feel free to drop by. Now there is no need holding back your most concealed passion for sports. You can either watch or tour; and if you are an aspiring athlete, the stadium will be your motivation to get to the peak of your athletic career. So what are you waiting for? Come by Charlotte, remember to put the stadium in your list of places to visit and don’t forget to wear a Carolina Panthers shirt when you watch a football match.