Charlotte Skyline, North Carolina

The City of Charlotte known by its nickname, the “Queen City” of North Carolina, is located in the county of Mecklenburg. It was named after the German Princess, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who lived in 1744-1818, wife of King George III. And if you happen to be a resident of Charlotte, be honored to be called a Charlottean. Charlotte holds two titles to the United States. First, it is the 20th largest city in the whole of United States. Second, it is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. The Queen City is said to be a central location where locals from the northeast and southeast meet. Being the hub, it has become a transportation and trade area most convenient to people from near or remote locations. Its bank industry’s expansion has led it too to become the major U.S financial center.

For having Bank of America and Wachovia headquarters plus other regional banking and financial services companies situated in its area, it surely is an exposed city. Its economy has continued to progress and has become the 5th fastest-growing city on the East Coast. How can it not mature swiftly when the so-called Fortune 500 companies reside there? Other than Bank of America and Wachovia, there are Goodrich Corporation, Nucor, Sonic Automotive and SPX Corporation. Even though central and understandably busy, Charlotte is a conscious individual never oblivious for beautifying its façade seen in its surroundings. It also treats itself with hobbies intense in energy amidst hectic schedules and tight deadlines.

It has been holding major events administered by the US motorsports industry including NASCAR. In fact, Charlotte is expecting to house the NASCAR Hall of Fame by 2009. But what can you really see in the Charlotte Skyline? The city is a skyline itself for its wide blue and clear skies with a lot of gigantic modish buildings scattered around, leaving a futuristic and cosmic look to the place. That, being the reason why Charlotte is the skyline and the buildings are the skyscrapers.  Charlotte may be loaded with business transactions and may seem to experience seldom relaxed moments but the truth is told, when you are there, you would not even think you are in a large, really large productive city. Traffic is smooth-flowing, people are warm and easy to get along with, the standard of living is easy to the pocket, the weather is perfect, the infrastructures display so much artistry, the area is so spacious and the ambiance simply protrudes a mix of urban and rural delight. Whether you plan to live or visit Charlotte, either way, residential units, apartments, and rooms are available for occupation. Brace yourselves as you get the chance to see 20 skyscrapers incredibly right before your eyes.