North Carolina Art Museums

There are a number of art museums in North Carolina that are independent of educational institutions. In this article are some of the most well-known museums with fine art collections. The Asheville Art Museum in South Pack Square in Asheville is considered as the leader in the arts for Western North Carolina and the Southeast. The museum was opened in 1948 by artists and has formed a commitment to the development of the community and individual’s education, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, this non-profit organization is being supported by individuals, foundations, the North Carolina Arts Council, the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Endowment for the Arts. The museum offers a number of programs for enthusiasts such as Art Noveaux (or facts on collecting art), classes and workshops, film screenings, group tours, mini piano concerts and a number of discussions.

Included in the permanent collection in Asheville Art Museum are Teapot with Lid (1949) and Green Glazed Creamer with Decorations (1953), potteries by Walter B. Stephen, Mohler Barn (1950), a Tempera Painting by Pierre Daura, Freedom (1997), a manuscript of the fable of Kara Elizabeth Walker and Cleared Hillside with Road in Background (1998) a black and white photograph by Rob Amberg and a lot more. Located at East Liberty Street in Salisbury, Waterworks Visual Center, a contemporary art center that helps and promotes the creativity of individuals and communities by and exploring and exhibiting complex works of living artists. The center’s attack is purely academic, interpreting works in theories and methods in art history that shaped visual traditions.

The museum opened in 1977 and officially included in the American Association of Museums (AAM) in 1999. Waterworks’ missions include education of the people through classes and workshops, outreach programs and special events. Exhibitions and events in Waterworks are installed in Norvell gallery, Woodson and Osborne Galleries, Stanback Gallery Hall, Stanback Sculpture Garden, and YPG/Installation Gallery. Waterworks also include the Dula Art Library which has been an important place for learning and discovering more about the arts. It is open for students and the general public.

The Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington is located in a 9.3 acre Pyramid Park, occupying a 40,000 square foot facility designed by Gwatmey Siegel & Associates Architectural Firm. It features exhibition areas, cafe, and gift shops just outside an area which showcases outdoor sculptures, clay studio, nature trails, and a historic Civil War site. Formerly known as the St. John’s Museum of Art, Cameron Art Museum has a permanent fine art collection that is representative of artists of national and international importance. The museum is also home to the Pancoe Education Center. Other art museums in North Carolina are Mint Museum of Art (Charlotte), Gaston County Museum (Dallas), Hickory Museum of Art (Hickory) and Reynolda House Museum of American Art (Winston-Salem)