Crabtree Falls, North Carolina

There are more or less 12 waterfalls along the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Crabtree Falls, being one of them, is a rather artistic and adventurous location well-recognized by photographers and hikers. It is not just worth seeing on print but worth experiencing too. The Crabtree Falls is one of the most visited falls in the Blue Ridge, perhaps the most beautiful waterfalls in Virginia, labeled as the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River, located at Nelson County, Virginia and assumed to be named after a William Crabtree who resided in the area in 1777. It is exactly located at the Crabtree Meadows Recreational area of North Carolina, found at the 339.5-milepost, 5 miles north of Busick, NC near the crossing of BRP and Highway 80. You may find the Crabtree Falls within its own meadows which marks the farthest and last portion of the Parkway through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Before reaching the falls, you will pass through the meadows showcasing a wide array of wildflowers including Hawthornes, gentians, beard tongues and mountain laurels. The way to the falls is a hike going down a steep trail.

It is a loop with a length of 2.7 miles but the short cut affords a 1-mile hike. Going downhill requires careful, watchful eyes and quick reflexes as you cross a portion of the falls. Once there, you may find a campground, motels, overnight-stay cabins, a picnic spot, restaurant and gift shop. You may notice that the land at the base of the falls has almost become a resort area but back in the late 1960s, the residents of Nelson County did not approve of it. They instead, persuaded the Forest Service to get hold of the falls for the purpose of providing future generations a place free for relaxation and escapade.
Of course, the Crabtree Falls is so beautiful especially that it is decorated with its nearby acquaintances – the wooden stairs, gravel paths, railed overlooks, and a100-footbridge over the Tye River.

The Crabtree Falls is a dazzling 70 feet cascade featuring a series of five major cascades and a few smaller ones that drop an entire distance of 1,200 feet. When trying to view the top from the downhill, it measures at about 100 feet from the upper parking lot along the concrete pathway ensuring an ideal stopover for travelers. Though the hike may seem difficult at first, it would always be best to prepare for an arduous hike downhill and uphill with enough energy, enough water, enough snacks, enough physical strength, enough passion, and enough awe. With all these “enough” packed well, it will surely be one hike that you would want to experience over and over. If you like engaging in activities that involve water fun and mountain trekking, the Crabtree Falls creates a wholly different outdoor excitement appropriately designed for this combination.