Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

Colorful leaves, never-seen-before shrubs, herbs and mosses, a set of a truly, existing “Blue” Ridge Mountains before one’s own naked eyes. The Blue Ridge Parkway is an immense and endearing dome of nature beautifully bewitched! The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina sets a scenic drive that tours every interested individual to the southern Appalachian Mountains. It will course you through a multitude of cultural, natural and recreational places that you do not see every day. It is the only known pathway to the Blue Ridge Mountains and obviously, where else is there to pass? The driveway already hints guests of mirth and rapture. Unbelievably, the beginning leads not to the end but to a blissful journey of unending surprises. The parkway’s distinctive qualities such as the colorful leaves of the Blue Ridge, already give a charming look to our very own state. Did it ever occur to you why the parkway looks astounding? Perhaps, it is the colors that make each passing through a delight to anyone. You will see a winding seemingly white and tidy road, alongside are trees with orange, red and brown leaves, complemented with the heaven-like sensation protruded by the blue-colored mountain ridges. And knowing too the widespread natural abundance in this area, you would willingly come out of your car, stop to stand on the pavement, stretch your arms up high, turn in circles, feel the fresh air brush through your cheeks and feel lucky to have set foot on that place.

The colorful leaves, being one of the Blue Ridge’s most noticeable characteristics, are caused by an interaction of plants and animals. This atypical sort, called the Temperate Deciduous Forest biome, dwells only in mid-latitude areas like the Eastern United States, China, Canada, Europe, and Japan, which are between the Polar Regions (cold locations) and the tropics (medium to very hot locations). Temperate Deciduous Forests are rare to find but North Carolina is where it is exactly located! Honestly, it is the view and the feel of the Blue Ridge that strongly beckon visitors to come and experience what it offers magically. But common to drivers, the highlight of the Blue Ridge is still the parkway; one of America’s favorite driveways.

Trees are seen along the driveway and the magnificent view already satisfies one’s expectations. But beyond the road, there are still endless spots to see as a good number of waterfalls and well-maintained forests. The driveway is a parkway because you will definitely pull over to check what this gateway to these surprises has in store. Once these secrets are revealed to you, it will be very difficult to leave. Driving along the parkway would be a perfect single or group adventure. Imagine the laughter with your friends or family and the joy of being one with nature, rolled into just one location. Truly, the Blue Ridge Parkway is great… but that would be an understatement.