North Carolina Music Festival

Another showcase of art in North Carolina is welcomed through the annual music festivals hosted by different counties of the state. Listed here are some of the most famous and well-visited musical events, some of which are distinct and interesting from the usual music showcases, offering visitors the diversity they deserve. One of the most interesting music festivals is the North Carolina Computer Music Festival hosted by the Music Department and the Arts Studies program of the North Carolina State University. The festival is being held every other year, with its introduction to the public on February 2002. It is considered a controversial music festival as it showcases a lot of materials that are unconventional and are usually targeted to many mature audiences. The festival’s theme is usually directed at language as represented by electronic (computer) manipulation. Some of the composers whose works have been exhibited are Thomas Clark of North Carolina, Ioannis Kalantzis of Greece and Antonio Scarcia of Italy, among others. The festival features masterful pieces that are products of multimedia that challenge participants to locate their feelings and ideas.

Dubbed as “A Family Atmosphere Music Festival,” the Carolina in the Fall Festival was founded by Robert and Brenda Shepherd, residents of Wilkes County. The farm where they have grown is where the stage of the festival was built, turning back time wherein the Switzerland-based group, and Shepherd’s friends, the Kruger Brothers have invited other musicians to play at the farm, thus the birth of the festival on September 13 and 14, 2003. The name of the festival was coined from the title of one Kruger Brother’s song which tells more about the hospitality of the Shepherd Family. The festival was a success bagging a number f awards from the festival industry, The North Carolina Association of Festivals and Events honored Carolina in the Fall festival with seven awards including Best Website, Best Event Photo, Best Mass Media Printed Material, Best Sponsorship Packet, Best Press Kit and Sponsor of the Year for Harold’s restaurant.

Brenda Shepherd also received Director of the Year awards for such a wonderful job at the festival. Definitely, the music festival has kept the Bluegrass and Folk musicians keep on coming. A festival that celebrates world cultural heritage is the Folkmoot USA which has recently celebrated its 25th year in July. Held in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the round of festivities include folk music, dances, costumes that represent the countries that have shared their heritage. It also is known as one of North Carolina’s international festivals and has been listed and recognized in the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Traditional Arts. Much of the most anticipated countries in the festival are England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and India. Don’t forget to visit these festivals as well: Flat Rock Music festival (Flat Rock), Brevard Music Festival (Brevard) and American Music Festival (Morehead City).