North Carolina

North Carolina

Also known as NC, Tar Heel State or Old North State, it is one of USA’s 13 original states.

North Carolina is famous for furniture, tobacco, clothing, cigarettes, soya beans, chemicals, machinery, poultry, and textile industries. It is also known for being the home to Billy Graham, a US Protestant evangelist who was acknowledged for his eloquent preaching; Jesse Jackson, a US Democratic politician who was a cleric for minority rights; Thomas Wolfe, a US journalist and novelist who was a 1960’s founder of “New Journalism; and the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, US inventors who were pioneers of powered flights. Much to that, the admirable historical and natural attractions such as the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Cape Hatteras national seashore, which has the tallest lighthouse in the USA, are the charming sights tourists deliberately visit. Sports, like the year-round skiing, golfing at mountain resorts, freshwater and saltwater fishing, and hunting is some of the adored activities found in the state as well.

Annually, there are approximately 1 million visitors that come to see North Carolina and surprisingly $1 billion is spent by them! This confirms that tourism is actually a significant involvement of the state. It goes to say that NC is a must-see and a must-experience spot in the USA. As North Carolina’s tourism is continually fascinating a huge number of guests from all over the world, this site serves as an invitation to you. Displayed on the following web pages are a variety of pictures taken around the State of North Carolina with several relevant information that you need to know. Amongst the details that we will provide you with are the wondrous array of activities, experiences, sights to see, hotel and resort accommodations and tips that may be useful and suitable for researches, studies, and tourist inquiries.  Through our easy-to-use navigation menu on the left side of each webpage, each highlighted item will lead you to the featured locations of North Carolina.

Question: Why should you visit North Carolina?


  1. Its richness in history seen in the variety of structures strewn all over the place welcomes curious minds.
  2. The tranquil environment sets a relaxing atmosphere that revitalizes one’s own spirit.
  3. The cultural immersion seen and experienced through the residences’ hospitality, daily routines, and the assorted activities are priceless discoveries to look forward to.

There are no other purposes for vacation or an out-of-town trip than to answer curiosities, to revitalize and relax the body and spirit, and lastly, to discover things on your own. North Carolina gives you all the possibilities. So why wait? Scan through the webpages and choose which ones you’d like to see for yourself. But before anything else, a piece of advice: choose everything because North Carolina has always wanted you to be there!