Hearst Tower, Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina is blessed with a natural atmosphere for vacation getaways. And though your energy is reserved for outdoor leisure interests, and your plans are targeted towards the provinces and hidden areas of the state, it would be advisable to reconsider touring the booming city of Charlotte. Even if your plan is to free yourself from the urban life of your own city, Charlotte would still be one of the places you must see. So, now, let’s take a quick tour and introduce to you the emblem of the city, the Hearst Tower. Hearst Tower is under the ownership of the Bank of America and the Hearst Corporation. In the same way, their offices like the Hearst Publishing, Bank of America Plaza are situated in it. Other than that, an assortment of retail shops, restaurants like the Coco Osteria and high-end business trends could be found in the tower. They also have a good mix of tenants ranging from law firms, salons, spas, galleries, and museums.

Standing at 659 feet tall, with 49 stories, the Hearst Tower’s gleaming exterior situated in the very heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a highly remarkable building known locally and internationally. The city’s newly-built skyscraper was opened on November 14, 2002. Its sophisticated appearance is so catchy that everyone would be so awed just gazing at it. Its pointed top and slenderness make the building appear larger than the other skyscrapers in the area. As it goes up, each floor becomes a bit larger than the one below it. Its exteriors are decorated lavishly with fountains, sculptures, and landscapes. Combining a glassy and modish look, its grandeur always catches eyes. Amazing how creative minds and advanced mechanisms can do such an infrastructure magnificently! Would you believe that they patterned the building to a 1920’s look? It oozes boldness of character marking Charlotte an awesome skyline. More so, its architects, who come from Atlanta, continued to experiment materials to be utilized in assembling it.

They have consistently displayed the art deco theme in the entire structure flaunting Chinese marbles and an elegant color scheme of black, white and bronze. It was not easy to finish it but the inventiveness in materials and firm ingenuity of the design and production teams came out with this classy, unique output. The interior spaces of the Hearst Tower are luxuriant and original. Its glasses and steels are expensive and can last for a lifetime. But, a question to ask, would there be another one like this in the near future? To spend $160 million for the Hearst Tower is not a trivial endeavor and in a way, having built it subtly tells people that this would perhaps be the last tall building constructed in Charlotte for some time. After all, Hearst Tower is already a visible summary of how much skyscrapers are given great importance for over 330 years now. So why should you wait for the next one? Hearst Tower is one good symbol of an impressive modern architecture worth visiting.