Airline Tickets to Rhode Island

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are many different options for you in regards to purchasing your airline ticket. Rhode Island is considered to be one of the 48 continental states in America, so airfare isn’t as costly as you might think it is. There are many discount travel agencies located throughout the United States. This is often the most convenient and economical way to purchase an airline ticket. Most of the discount airfares do come with certain time and date restrictions, but for the most part; they can be suited to your needs.

When purchasing your airline ticket this way, it is important to find a travel agency that offers discount tickets on the date and time you would like to fly. Most often, the early morning flights (the red-eye) are available for discounted fares every day. It also helps to book your flights in advance to utilize the airline’s advance purchase discounts. This can sometimes save you up to 30% of a normal airfare. Blackout dates do apply to a lot of the discounts available, but it’s definitely better than having to pay full price for your airline ticket. Another great way to find airline tickets is to speak directly with the airlines. Right now, there are 8 major airlines flying into Rhode Island: American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, United, and U.S. Airways.

An American airline offers flights departing every day from T.F. Green Airport. American Airlines has hubs located all of the U.S. and makes flying into Rhode Island a simple trip. Continental is another of the large airlines that have been servicing the Rhode Island area for the past 3 decades. They offer the finest quality service in the air at competitive prices for those families that need to purchase multiple tickets.

Delta doesn’t have as many locations that have direct flights into Rhode Island, but they do have many flights that fly directly into Boston. From here it is just a short layover to reaching your last destination. Northwest and Southwest are somewhat smaller airlines, but that doesn’t mean the quality of your flight will be affected. These 2 airlines have been servicing the northeast states for over 20 years. They don’t run as many long flights, so finding flights from short distances from Rhode Island is so much easier with these companies.

United is a trusted name in the airline industry for good reason. They offer many different international flights and make purchasing your tickets to Rhode Island a one-stop-shop for airline tickets. No matter which of these airlines you choose, Rhode Island will be awaiting your visit when you step onto the concourse.