New England

Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the United States. Its official name is “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”, and it is the smallest U.S. state in terms of area. Its four thousand square kilometer area is bordered by Massachusetts in the north and east, by Connecticut on the West, and by the Atlantic Ocean on the South. Rhode Island and New York share a water border between Long Island and Block Island. Rhode Island is home to many beautiful oceanfront beaches, and thus, it is also named the “Ocean State”. Rhode Island is divided into two regions: Eastern Rhode Island and Western Rhode Island. Eastern Rhode Island is home to the lowlands of the Narragansett Bay, while the Western half makes up part of the New England Upland.

The Narragansett Bay is one of Rhode Island’s major topographical features. Within it are more than thirty islands, and the largest of them is Aquidneck Island, followed by Conanicut, then by Prudence. The culture of Rhode Island and the heavy influences in the town’s maritime nature. Waves and other nautical representations may be seen in the state’s license plates and even in the state’s main airport. Maritime influences are also evident in Rhode Island’s food supplies. There is an intense tradition of and gravitation towards seafood. Shellfish is a popular ingredient in most recipes. Like in most of New England, clam chowder is almost an institution in Rhode Island. The clam chowder in Rhode Island is different from the white variety in New England and the red version of Manhattan as it is clear and colorless. Aside from the chowder, clam cakes are very popular in Rhode Island. If there is one meal to represent Rhode Island it would be, hands down, one that consists of clam cakes and chowder. Aside from seafood, locals and tourists may also enjoy other types of food from many other restaurants and outlets in Rhode Island. Coffee is such a highly popular beverage that coffee milk has been designated as the Official State Drink of Rhode Island.

In addition to the food, Rhode Island is also popular because of its strong tradition of sports. There are many sports teams that give pride to Rhode Island residents. They are the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Providence Bruins, the Newport Gulls, the Rhode Island Rams, the Brown University Bears, the Providence Friars, the Bryant Bulldogs, and the Providence Grays which won the first World Championship in 1884. After the food and the sports, Rhode Island is known for its many historic landmarks and tourist attractions. These include the Rhode Island State House, the First Baptist Church in America, the legendary mansions of Newport, the Touro Synagogue and many more.