The Inns of Newport

As it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, there are several inns in Newport. The Inns of Newport has under its umbrella five historic inns which are all in close proximity to the Newport harbor.

The five inns are:

  • the Wynstone
  • the Clarkeston
  • the Admiral Farragut Inn
  • the Cleveland House
  • the Elm Street Inn.

The Wynstone Inn is just a block away from the bustling center of Newport. It has five luxurious rooms for those picky and hard-to-please tourists who enjoy their privacy. The design of the rooms is influenced by Gilded Age architecture. The interiors and the furniture are of the finest quality and are reminiscent of the 18th century. All the rooms have cable television, a deluxe Jacuzzi tub for two, a marble shower and a fireplace. The lavish rooms of  Wynstone are named after the legendary mansions of Newport: the Breakers, the Kingscote, the Elms, the Rosecliff and the Belcourt.

The Elm Street Inn is located in the Historic Point Section. It was recently overhauled and the suites now have cable television, private baths, and air-conditioning. An inn is a suitable place for travelers who want comfort and convenience at an affordable rate. The Clarkeston Inn, at three hundred years old, is one of the oldest inns in the area. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. The inn features wooden floors and antiques that are constant reminders of its age. The Clarkeston Inn was restored in 1993 and it now carries modern conveniences and amenities. Each room has its own fireplace and Jacuzzi tub.

The Admiral Farragut Inn, like the Clarkeston Inn, is located along Clarke Street. It is very near the harbor and it is also close to a lot of historic sites, shops, and restaurants. The air-conditioned guest rooms are furnished with a visually interesting mix of antique and modern furniture. The Cleveland House, also located along Clarke Street, is an example of Victorian architecture. It is right across the Clarkeston Inn. The inn with its twelve rooms was renovated and refurbished in 1995.

There are several other inns aside from those under the Inns of Newport. The Historic Inns of Newport include three inns in downtown Newport which are located by the harbor and on the Historic Hill. They are the Harborside Inn, the Yankee Peddler Inn, and the Jailhouse Inn. Apart from the Inns of Newport and the Historic Inns of Newport, tourists still have quite a number of other places to choose from. These include the Almondy Inn, the Hydrangea House Inn, Tuoro Park Inn, the Pilgrim House Inn, the Cliffside Inn, the Bayberry Inn, the Melville House Inn and the Inn on the Harbor.