Rhode Island Golf Courses

No vacation would be complete unless you were given the opportunity to play a few holes in the local golf courses. Very few tourists now a day leave home without their clubs for fear of missing out on playing on a new course. You will definitely want to bring your clubs along when you see what the courses in Rhode Island offer! The Triggs Memorial Golf Course is located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood and offers a full 18 hole course created by Donald Ross (a world-class golf course designer in the 1930’s). This par 72 course is one of the most played greens in Rhode Island.

The front 9 at Triggs is relatively flat, but the back 9 offers holes with larger elevation changes for the more experienced players. Rolling Greens Golf Course is another challenging course located in the Ocean State. This course offers its player 18 holes stretched out over 3000 yards of playing greens.

It’s not a very difficult course to play as it’s set up as a 35 par 9 hole course, but it’s still one of the nicest public courses in the North Kingston area. Newport Country Club is a regulation 70 par golf course located in the Newport area of Rhode Island. This course is absolutely gorgeous, but it is a private course. To play 18 holes here you are going to have to dish out almost $100, but your price will include a cart. The price is well worth it though considering the fact that each hole on the course is set to PGA standards.

If your planning on staying in Jamestown, the Jamestown Golf Course is going to be the nicest course around you (that’s because it’s the only course on the island). It’s only a 9 hole course, but it easily played through and the scenery is better then you will find at some of the larger clubs. It’s a public course though which means you can save yourself about $80 off of the price of a private course.

The one thing that Rhode Island is not short of is golf courses. You can choose any city or town on the map and guaranteed you will find a golf course within 5 miles of where you are staying. The state really took into consideration the placement of their courses because they offer more beautiful scenery then some of the site seeing tours do. The next time you decide to visit Rhode Island, just make sure that your golf clubs are one of the first things you check into the airport because you don’t want to miss playing this award-winning courses.