Festival Ballet Rhode Island

The Festival Ballet Company in Rhode Island is headed by Mr. Mihailo Djuric. He realized many of his goals during the first three years of his tenure, and today the company performs locally and tours throughout New England. The Center for Dance Education provides comprehensive training for students ages three through adult, giving all students the opportunity to perform. By successfully auditioning for the Junior Company, advanced ballet students have the opportunity to appear with the professional company dancers and guest artists in major productions.

The reputation of the professional company has become well respected, and the Center for Dance Education has become the foundation for the development of aspiring dance professionals in Rhode Island. To advance the company and school even further, the Board of Trustees recognized the need to have new studio space and purchased a building in Providence in June 2001. Renovations, completed in September 2001, transformed the space into state-of-the-art studios for the dancers and students.

Additional office and meeting space will enable the administrative staff to work more effectively and productively, allow for an expansion of the staff to develop a better educational outreach program, and support the artistic efforts of the company and school. The Festival Ballet Providence Center for Dance Education is recognized in Rhode Island as the premier school for young and aspiring classical ballet dancers.

The Center, a direct route for young dancers entering the professional company, not only offers comprehensive dance training to hundreds of children (starting at age three), adults, and persons with disabilities but is a key factor in the character and moral development of the children. Young students learn responsibility, discipline, teamwork and an appreciation for the cultural arts.

The Festival Ballet Center is the pride and joy of Rhode Island in the performing arts sense. This ballet school has produced some of the most graceful and well-disciplined performers in the industry. After completing their education in Rhode Island, most dancers find their way up north to audition in New York City for some of the leading dance companies in the nation. The success rate of these students is outstanding. The majority of dancers go on to fulfilling their dance dreams in all different mediums of ballet. Some choose to stay and perform locally, just for the sheer joy of performing in front of their hometowns. Rhode Island has accomplished itself by building one of the best ballet schools on the East Coast, adding another reason to the growing attraction of visitors to the state.