Car Rental Rhode Island

There are many different ways to travel around Rhode Island, but the best way is to just rent a car for the extent of your vacation. Nothing is worse than being forced to be on a schedule because the bus or van service is ready to leave. It’s much better to take your time and enjoy yourself at your own pace. There are many rent a car places scattered throughout the state so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one wherever you’re staying Enterprise-Rent-A-Car- Enterprise is one of the most trusted names in rental cars today. At the present time, they have 5 business locations throughout the Rhode Island area.

You can stop by and pick up a car in Middletown, North Kingston or Warwick while you’re within the state limits. If you don’t mind a short drive over the state border, they also have vehicles available in Washington, D.C. and Rhode Island, MA. Enterprise offers you the option of 13 different classes of vehicles all differing in size and price. The Economy model is the least expensive and will cost you around $40 per day.

National Car Rental- National Car Rental is another one of the most popular car rental agencies in the Ocean State. Just like Enterprise they offer around 12 different classes of vehicles to choose from, but with the added class of convertibles. This is one of the main reasons that visitors to Rhode Island use National. If you reserve a convertible in advance it adds something special to your vacation. Nothing is better than getting away from the hectic city freeways and just cruising around in your topless car through the scenic areas of this beautiful state. Not many units are available for rental in Rhode Island so it’s very important that you take the time to book in advance.

Hertz- Hertz has been renting cars on the East Coast for almost 100 years. The founder of Hertz was the first man to have a car rental service in the U.S. The shared historic times of the rental chain and this landmark area is probably the reason why Hertz has so many different branches set up throughout Rhode Island. This company is proud of being built up from a small business into the powerhouse that it is today. Hertz is one of the few rental companies that take the time to service the smaller rural areas around the nation. Most of its competitors stick to the big cities where the most profit can be made. If you take a look around Rhode Island you will see that Hertz offers twice as many rental facilities of any other company in the area.