Rhode Island Vacation Tips

The one tip suggested by most travelers to Rhode Island is to stay in Providence for the first few days of your trip. There are limitless things to do while you’re in the city and plenty of places to visit.
Waterplace Park and Riverwalk This scenic park is located in downtown Providence. It is the perfect place to just stroll along and take in the scenic views. The four-acre park features a waterfall in the middle of a one-acre pond and has access to most of the popular restaurants and shopping areas. Providence-Newport Water Ferry – When visiting the area you have to take a trip on the ferry that travels from Newport to Providence.

The one hour and twenty-five-minute ride takes tourists past many local coastal communities and is in service Monday through Friday during the winter months and more frequently as the warm weather sets in. The RISD Museum –The Rhode Island School of Design museum showcases more than 85,000 pieces of work from artists from around the world. The museum features a collection dedicated to the history of Providence as a manufacturing hub for silver and jewelry. This is a favorite tourist attraction because it allows you to see most of the history of Rhode Island without ever having to venture outside.

Providence Place Mall – The Providence Place Mall is the newest and largest mall in the city. The mall features brand named designers like Abercrombie and Fitch and has several restaurants located throughout the mall. The mall also features several theaters including an IMAX screen. The Arcade – A must for visitors to Providence is The Arcade, America’s oldest indoor mall. There are many delis and cafes located inside, a hair salon, department store and arcade area that also feature Center City Art where local artists exhibit their art.

Thayer Street – Thayer Street is one of the largest hangout spots located in the Providence area. This is a section of the town by Brown University that offers numerous shops and restaurants and is where many students and travelers are known to flock to. The popular belief of travelers to Rhode Island is that if you’re under 25 years old, and then Providence is the place you want to be. This is the most happening part of this small country and is where you will find most of the younger generation hanging out and enjoying the scenery. Rhode Island travel tip, if you are young or young at heart, stick to Providence if you want to enjoy your vacation!