Bristol County Rhode Island

Bristol County is a small 45 square mile area located on the peninsula tip of Rhode Island. The county’s size is actually a lot smaller than that when you take into consideration that almost 50% of the total area is water. The remaining 50% of the land is broken down into three small towns; Barrington, Bristol, and Warren. Bristol is the largest of the three towns situated on the small panhandle of Rhode Island in population as well as in landmass. The town has a little over 22,000 residents living on its 10 square meter peninsula, not including the additional residents that live on their houseboats in the surrounding harbor.  This area of Rhode Island has always been a mecca for tourism because of its strong historical value to the nation. This small part of the eastern state has the privilege of calling itself one of the original towns of the Plymouth Colony.

Every resident can appreciate the value of Bristol just for that simple fact alone. In continuing on with the traditions of yesteryear, Bristol hosts one of the largest 4th Of July celebrations anywhere in the U.S. Over 200,000 people attend this celebration yearly and return home with the knowledge that they had stood on the same land that was part of our nation’s first settlement. Barrington lies just north of Bristol occupying over 8 miles of the state’s land. This small town always ranks in the top 100 places to live when polled by any publication. Barrington was also part of the area granted to the members of the Mayflower party over 300 years ago. You can feel the historical importance of the area flow through you as you walk over the land in this well-preserved part of Rhode Island.

Nowhere in this town will you find huge buildings and wild disco clubs. Most of the residents here over the past 100 years have come from all over the nation to settle into their own piece of history. Every homeowner here is not only purchasing a piece of land but a piece of history as well. The smallest of the towns located in Bristol County is Warren. Warren has the distinct honor of being able to call itself the smallest town of the smallest county located in the smallest state of the country. That makes Warren truly a one of a kind place to live.

Bristol County is very small in land area but makes up for it in historical value. The importance of preserving our roots will always make this area an important part of our country.