Providence County Rhode Island

If one is set to travel to Rhode Island, one should include a visit to the state capital and historic trading town of Providence County, which was once known for its rum and molasses commerce.
Providence County is it’s largest and where the concentration of Rhode Island’s population is. It ranks 93rd in the United States’ most populated county and 71% of the population is Roman Catholic, making it one of the US’ most Catholic-dominated county.

Everywhere in Providence is a charming blend of modern and restored historical landmarks. Providence County is made up of Burrillville, Central Falls, Cranston, Cumberland, East Providence, Foster, Glocester, Johnston, Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, Providence, Scituate, Smithfield, and Woonsocket. When in Providence’s Cumberland, one should visit the historic Cumberland Public Library, Edward J. Hayden Library, and the William Blackstone Monument. In Pawtucket on the other hand, one can visit the Daggett House, where the antiques and other things owned by the first builder of a cotton mill in the US, Samuel Slater, can be found. A must is a historical trip to Providence, Providence, where the country’s oldest college, Brown University, can be found, with its other historical sites like the Corliss-Brackett House. Other places of interest are the John Carter Brown Library, the oldest First Baptist Church, Gaspee Room, the Old State House, Roger William’s Square, Roger Williams Park, the Museum of Natural History, Roger Williams Spring, the Shakespeare Head House, Stephen Hopkins House, the Old Market House, the Providence Athenaeum and the First Unitarian Church of Providence.

A walk along Providence’s historic districts like the Benefit Street’s cobblestone street filled with period architecture and significant structures is also recommended for history buffs. Modern attractions are not lacking, as visitors can immerse themselves in cosmopolitan cuisine on “The Hill” or Federal Hill, where world-class cooking from countries all over the world can be enjoyed. Visitors can also shop till they drop at Providence Place’s 100 stores or at Thayer Street’s hipper shops.

A day is definitely not enough to soak in the great things Providence has to offer. So if one is to stay longer, the Providence Biltmore and the Westin Providence are the classiest places to check-in. Guests can also choose to stay at other hotel chains like the Providence Marriott Downtown and the Hilton Providence. But for a more enhanced local experience, a stay at one of the Bed and Breakfast establishments like Cady House, Christopher Dodge House, Mowry-Nicholson House, and Old Court are good alternatives for a comfortable home away from home.