Banks in Rhode Island – ATM Machines

Most of the popular banks throughout the nation can be found in Rhode Island as well. All of the following banks have branch locations throughout the state:

Citizens Bank- Citizens Financial Group Inc. is a multi-billion dollar bank holding company located in Rhode Island. This bank has more than 1,600 branches and over 3500 ATM machines located throughout the state for your convenience. Citizens Bank is active in 8 other states on the East Coast including Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Bank One, marketed by Citizens Bank, adds another 4 states (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio) to the banking family. Citizens Bank is one of the 10 largest banking companies in the U.S. which allows it to easily service out-of-state and International transactions.

Bank of America- Bank of America is another top banking company available throughout the state of Rhode Island. ATM locations can be a little difficult to find after you go outside of Providence, but they are around the area if you just take a look around. Bank of America also offers 24 full-service branch locations around the city as well. Just keep in mind that Rhode Island is not that large of a state, so you don’t have to drive very far to visit the next nearest branch to you. Washington Trust Company- Washington Trust Company has been the largest independent bank in Rhode Island for over 200 years. This is just a small-town bank, but it is worth mentioning because of the strong roots that it holds in the community.

The very first banknotes produced by this institution are said to be the first likeness of George Washington (1st president of the United States) ever printed on currency. The bank even displays one of these banknotes in its main branch that was endorsed with the signature of John Quincy Adams (6th president of the U.S.). Even if you require one of the large commercial banks for your needs, make sure you stop by the Washington Trust Company just to take a look around.

There are many other banking facilities located throughout this small state for all of your banking needs. Most of the large commercial banks have ATM machines peppered around the area of Providence, even though few of them actually have a branch located in Rhode Island. If your bank does not have a branch located in Rhode Island, it is not difficult to travel the short distance into Boston, where you will find more of the larger banks located.