Southwest Airlines Rhode Island

There are many different commercial airlines that have schedules flying into and out of the state of Rhode Island, but the airline of choice seems to be Southwest Airlines. The commercial building is two-stories high and has six arched shop fronts that extend to the second floor. Southwest Airlines is one of the largest airlines in America with over 63 different destination points including Providence, Rhode Island.

During the airlines 25th anniversary (1996), the route to Providence was opened for the first time. Southwest has been considered to be the most efficient and customer-oriented airline flying into this eastern state for over 10 years now. They have on average 10 flights a day flying into Providence. That’s quite a lot when you consider how many of the other airlines only offer between 4-6 flights a day. The layover times seem to be around 1 hour which isn’t that bad really. Southwest does offer 9 direct flights into Providence, three of them coming from Florida. When arranging your travel plans to Providence, make sure the first number you call is for Southwest Airlines.

There are other great airlines out there that also offer service to Rhode Island. Take Northwest Airlines for example. This airline has been around since the 1920s before traveling by air was even considered by most. Northwest offers over 1000 destinations to 160 countries around the world on a daily basis. This is a top airline if you’re flying international, but for just a local flight to a small state, it wouldn’t be considered the best choice. Northwest has so many outbound flights in a day that you’re not going to find a direct flight to Providence from many locations. Expect to have between 1 hour to 2 hours of layover time involved in your travel plans. Most flights leaving from the East Coast are re-directed to Detroit before they continue on to Providence. This isn’t necessarily the case for all flights, but to be safe make sure you ask your flight consultant before you book your reservation.

When flying in from an international location, your first stop will most definitely be Boston. The airports in Rhode Island are not equipped to receive International flights, so Boston is used as a hub location for most flights originating from foreign destinations. The drive from Boston to Providence isn’t that bad; if you sit back and enjoy the scenery, you will be there before you know it.

You can also find a lot of different private airline companies that fly into Rhode Island. It can be a little bit more expensive, but you’re guaranteed a direct flight and you don’t have to deal with the pushing and shoving that takes place at the commercial airports. Also, a good alternative if you’re notorious for losing your luggage like some people! When you book a private flight you get to bring most of your luggage on board as a carry on and have the peace of mind knowing that your bags are just within arms reach.