Biking in Rhode Island

The mere size of Rhode Island is an easy indication that bike riding is one of the main activities in the area. Not only is biking used as a source of recreation, but it is also actually one of the main forms of transportation. There are many areas to choose from if you plan on taking a nice leisurely bike ride while you’re visiting. Some of the best bike trails around are:

Blackstone River Bikeway- This initial 6-mile section of Lincoln parallels a small river as you pedal your way through the trail. Not so long ago an expansion made the path an additional 11 miles in length and you will enjoy now this 17-mile trail even more because the views are absolutely spectacular. This place is the perfect spot for an afternoon ride.

East Bay Bike Path- This is probably the most beautiful choice of biking destinations in Rhode Island. The path stretches on for over 14 miles taking you from Providence all the way down to the Barrington peninsula. You will pass the most beautiful areas of the waterfront on both the east and west sides. Most of the surrounding parks all have access from this bike path as it is one of the main routes leading up into Providence.

Wilson Park Bikeway- The Wilson Park Bikeway has a little something extra to add that some of the other popular bike paths in the area don’t offer, designated picnic spots. This 1.5-mile loop goes around Wilson Park in North Kingstown showing off all the local antique stores and local heritage. This bikeway was designed for a nice lazy bike ride on a Sunday afternoon, not for an endurance workout like most of the other local paths. If you’re looking to slow down the pace and really get a chance to look around, this is the bikeway for you.

Warwick and Cranston Bike Path- This is another of the unfinished bike paths located in Rhode Island. Right now only about 7miles of the proposed 25 miles are available to the public. The goal of this bikeway is to provide a route that will span from Providence up to the Connecticut border. This path isn’t really designed for sightseeing unless you don’t mind following the old rail tracks up the coast.

Biking means more to the residents of Rhode Island than just an enjoyable past time. The citizens here are actually trying to phase out the use of cars to do their part in protecting their historical city.