Rhode Island Weather Year Round

Rhode Island’s climate is humid and temperate and experiences the full extent of the four seasons. They don’t really have a “measurable” dry or rainy season but rainfalls are spread evenly through the course of a year. Rhode Island’s experiences its warmest weather from April until October. Temperatures measuring at 70 to 80 degrees, sometimes reaching 90 degrees, occur during June, July and August. So if you’re looking to enjoy Rhode Island’s famous beach parks, these best months to be in the area. Around Mid-September temperatures begin to go down and this change signals the beginning of the fall season which lasts until early November. Perfect for those who want to see the lovely color of autumn foliage and enjoy the romantic atmosphere it provides.

Near the end of November, the first snowfalls often arrive. From then on till the start of December temperatures reach freezing points and this occurs daily. February has been recorded as the month with the greatest amount of snowfalls. The cold weather lasts from December through March so if you’re planning to be in Rhode Island during these months be sure to pack ‘cold-weather’ outfits with you. But don’t expect mounds of snow covering the streets all the days of these months, it is unusual in Rhode Island for the streets to be covered in snow for long periods of time.

Rhode Island’s weather changes easily with rain one day and bright sunshine the next. Storms and hurricanes are also occasional threats. Throughout the area, the average annual temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and snowfall averages are around 37 inches a year. In Providence, temperatures range from 28 degrees Fahrenheit in January and around 73 degrees Fahrenheit come July. In the current records, the highest temperature which was recorded in Providence back in August of 1975 was 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest -23 degrees Fahrenheit which were recorded in Kingston back in January of 1942.