Swimming in Rhode Island

Residents of Rhode Island have their own idea of what a swimming pool should look like. In fact, their idea of a swimming pool is more like a “swimming hole”. The local population of Rhode Island has been sharing their favorite swimming holes around the state with tourists for years. Most tourists are thrilled by the idea of running out and jumping into one of the many small ponds that the Ocean State has to offer. It’s so refreshing to go swimming around in one of nature’s swimming pools without the confines of concrete walls and chlorine to ruin your swimming experience. These tourist spots are listed all over Rhode Island, but here are a few of the most popular.

Lincoln Woods State Park, located in Providence, has one of the few freshwater swimming holes in the area. The official name of this small swimming spot is Olney Pond and is quite easy to get to if you just follow all of the provided signs. After you get there, you will notice that it’s also set up as a nice little picnic spot as well. Restrooms are provided here as well, but they aren’t the cleanest things you have ever been in. It’s probably better to test your luck out in a secluded part of the woods then try to go in one of them to use the restroom. The location is gorgeous other than that one small drawback; the water is cool and clean, the picnic area provides tables, and the water hole has only small to medium crowds of people depending on the season.

Brenton State Park in Newport offers another great swimming spot for your enjoyment. This one is a little bit more of a hidden treasure than an officially sanctioned swimming area, so swim at your own risk because no lifeguard or supervision is provided. After you arrive at the entrance of Brenton State Park find a nice location to park your car. Across the street from the park, you will notice Castle Hill lighthouse; just to the left of it you will notice a fieldstone wall; if you climb over that wall you will notice many paths leading down to the coves of Narragansett Bay below. This is a very private location, but it is definitely a swim at your own risk spot. Not the smartest of ideas to dive from here because an injury is inevitable. This is a perfect location for swimming with friends or a loved one, but I wouldn’t take the kids along for this one.