Historic Hotels in Rhode Island

With a grand total of 211 hotels identified by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as historic, these hotels have been known for their ambiance and architecture which has been religiously maintained over the years, safeguarding the remnants of its history. Thanks to the people who have been painstakingly working firm to their aspiration to pass such beauty for the sake of the enjoyment and bewilderment of tourists and visitors of the present and in the future. Rhode Island is home to four of America’s Historic Hotels, one located in Providence and three in Newport.

The first among the Newport Historic Hotels is the Vanderbilt Hall which was built in 1908 and was originally called as The Newport Men’s Social Club in 1909. This exclusive mansion has served a dedication to Cornelius Vanderbilt by his son, Alfred Gwynn Vanderbilt. Located nearby paved streets, fine-dining restaurants, and Class A boutiques and the New England resorts, the Vanderbilt is a magnificent architectural landmark that boasts a collection of luxury suites. This grand mansion has been rejuvenated worth millions of dollars in 2006 in aims to bring back its initial glow and atmosphere while amalgamating modern tastes.

Hotel Viking is an award-winning hotel that has originally built-in 1926. Boasting a resume of notable guests since its establishment which includes former President and his wife, John, and Jackie Kennedy, jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald, and actor Will Rogers, Hotel Viking is a haven located in the ambient Newport’s Historic Hill, paving ways to the view of the Bellevue Avenue. In 2006, the hotel has faced a major design reconfiguration at the cost of $6.2 million dollars, with the attempt to preserve its beauty, which it managed to uphold for the past 80 years, and to update its amenities, including a soothing spa club along with 14,000 square feet of meeting and wedding banquet facilities

The last, and the oldest, in the list of Newport Hotels is the Mill Street Inn. Founded in 1850, the building was first intended as a woodworking shop which was destroyed by far in 1890. It was then rebuilt by its owner, J.D. Johnston using brick this time. For years, the building was used for millwork not until it was bought by Russ Jennings, an Australian citizen, in 1980 and was again sold to Hugh Jones and Jeff Farrar who decided to convert it into a suite hotel. The renovation paid off and was done beautifully, even having them earn an American Institute of Architects Design Award for Restoration. While the structure was completely transformed to serve a new purpose, many of the building’s original features were still preserved, including the Mill, old beams, cantilevered timber, and large front doors.

Providence Biltmore is the only hotel situated outside New Port in this list. Located in Providence and has been built and started operating since 1922, the V-shaped, 18-story red brick building has been consistently hosting events and celebrations for the town. Its trademark symbol, the hallmark sign hanging on the roof has been its famous symbol for generations. Much of the original Biltmore has been preserved, spending $14 million for its renovation. One of its greatest assets is the rooftop Grand Ballroom, which remains as the most romantic place of the building.