Luxury Hotels in Rhode Island

Looking for a place to stay after an enjoyable trip in Rhode Island with the vision of preserving your coating of class? As long as you have the luxury to afford to taste the comfort of Rhode Island’s best hotels and inns, then you are up to for the ride. A good bunch of hotels can be located throughout the state. We made the tasks easier for you by listing here the four most recommended places: Hyatt Regency Newport, Hotel Providence, The Francis Malbone House, and the Castle Hill Inn. Probably one of the most unique among hotels located in Newport, the Hyatt Regency Newport nourishes its tenants with the breathtaking views of the Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. With the hotel’s proximity to Newport’s major attractions along the area will give the tourists the escape that they’ve long been needed from the world filled with stress. It is nearby shops, jaw-dropping mansions, dancing sails of yachts side-by-side the numerous historic views of Rhode Island.

Providence’s Hotel Providence is located in the city’s downtown which directs the visitors to its Arts and Entertainment District. Choosing Hotel Providence as the place to check-in would translate to easier access to theatres, shopping malls, convention centers and the architectural prowess surrounding of the untouched 19th-century neighborhood. Receiving a coveted Four Diamond award on its first year of operation, Hotel Providence is certainly an excellent house of art.

Built on 1750, the Francis Malbone House was built in 1750 for the shipping merchant Colonel Francis Malbone. A true historical piece, the structure was designed by America’s First architect, Peter Harrison. A stay in the house resembles a time-traveling experience since the house’s beauty has been carefully preserved throughout the years and was expanded after the Benjamin Mason House has been purchased and restored. This colonial art piece is Newport’s only Five Star Diamond Award-winning Inn

The Castle Hall Inn is situated in the west end of Newport’s Ocean Drive. Having been secluded inside forty-acre peninsula, the Castle has been a site of magnificent beauty, making it as an attraction for private gatherings and celebrations. Located near the inn are other breathtaking works of architecture along the coastline which include the Agassiz Mansion, the Harbor Houses and Beach Houses and cottages. Another source of enchantment is the Castle Hill Lighthouse.

What do these places have in common? They all have excellent accommodations. Most of their accommodations include grand beds laden with soft, relaxing pillows, sheets, and blankets. For those who may need to check out some of their business in the real world need not worry because wireless Internet access and a separate working area also included in the amenities, as well as daily newspapers who have the urge to know the latest flash of information, and on-demand TV programming and a video on demand who would want to enjoy watching TV shows in the comfort of the deluxe room.