Hiking in Rhode Island

The terrain of Rhode Island provides for various hiking experiences throughout its small state. Depending on your level of hiking experience and ability, different areas are more suited to your personal needs. Most of the southern and eastern trails allow for relatively flat paths that lead you around through the beautiful old farmlands. However, if you head out towards the northern and western part of the state you will find that the trails tend to climb up steep hills leading you through some heavily wooded parts of Rhode Island.

Make sure you plan your hiking trip accordingly because after you get out into the middle of some of the less-traveled hiking trails it is difficult to turn around and head back. The North-South trail is largest hiking trail you will find anywhere in the state. It stretches for 72 miles and passes through 7 of Rhode Island’s State Parks. Hikers must share the majority of the trail with mountain bikers and equestrians, but there are some of the rougher off-road sections that are designated as hiking only parts of the trail. If you’re looking for a serious hiking experience while visiting this historical place, then this is the place for you. No other hiking trail in the Rhode Island will offer you the experience of the North-South trail.

Another favorite hiking spot for most tourists is the Newport’s Cliff Walk. This is a Designated National Recreation Trail due to the amazing views that are only offered to hikers. This area is inaccessible by any other means of transportation besides your own two feet! If you want to witness first hand the beauty of this area you must travel first to the beginning of Memorial Blvd and then begin the 3.5-mile descent down the hill. As you walk this trail, you will pass many of the famed Newport mansions that stand proudly against the rustic backdrop of the surrounding area. Nearing the end of the trail you will be come to an overlook where you can appreciate the Atlantic Ocean from high above the hills. It is an absolutely breathtaking sight as you can for miles and miles across the beautiful blue waters. This is the most highly recommended hiking trail for those of you that are visiting Rhode Island for its beautiful scenery.

Rhode Island offers views of the Atlantic Ocean that can’t be paralleled anywhere else along the eastern sea border. Make sure if you plan to walk either of these trails that you’re equipped with enough film to take your memories with you.