Fishing in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is every fisherman’s paradise. From shore fishing to boat fishing any number of species of gaming fish can be pulled out of the waters around the states. Freshwater and salt fishing alike are offered to residents and tourists. The Ocean State even offers the opportunity to battle with some of the best fighting fish on the East Coast. No matter if you choose to fish off the shoreline, the local lakes, and ponds, or travel out on a boat into the surrounding waters, Rhode Island will not disappoint you with the abundance of game fish available here.

Unlike most states that have only certain times available throughout the year for good fishing, this place has fish practically jumping into your boat all year round. As far as saltwater fishing goes, Rhode Island is known to have an abundance of bluefish and striped bass both inshore and offshore. The bluefish is considered to be one of the favorite fish by most of the anglers fishing out on Narragansett Bay. This feisty fish can grow upwards around 15 pounds although the average size pulled out of this state’s region is about 7 or 8 pounds. The striped bass is a good catch in these parts too. The Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife reports that there are 40+ pound striped bass getting pulled out of the waters of the Atlantic shoreline annually! This size of fish isn’t uncommon around the surf of Block Island Sound. If you’re looking to stay on land and do some serious fishing then you came to the right place.

Most people decide to go out and try their luck fishing in the deep dark Atlantic while their visiting. The fishermen that head offshore to do their fishing are normally there to seek out the big monsters hiding deep in the waters surrounding the Rhode Island peninsula. It doesn’t take them long to find one of the many species of tuna, shark, and cod that grow in overabundance every year. Due to the extremely large amount of these fish and the difficulty involved in reeling them in, Rhode Island doesn’t even require a fishing license for these fish. Prized fish like the blue marlin and swordfish are also caught here annually.

Rhode Island also has some fishing for those of you that just want to laze around and do some good old fashioned freshwater fishing in the state’s lakes and ponds. Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Trout, Salmon, and Northern Pike are stocked in these waters throughout the state. Most of the rivers in Southern Rhode Island offer a great fishing experience throughout the spring, summer, and fall.