Rhode Island Sailing

One of the largest participated in recreational activities in the Ocean State is sailing. Rhode Island offers both freshwater and saltwater boating areas located all around the ocean border, as well as in some of the rural areas. Clear River runs approximately 12 miles through the state before linking up with the Chepachet River at Oakland. This is where you will find some of the most enjoyable sailing conditions on Rhode Island. The river can be choppy in a few areas, but for the most part, it is very smooth sailing. If you are looking for a quieter and secluded area to boat in, you can just follow the Clear River down to Harrisville Pond and spend the afternoon there. The state provides a boating ramp so you can even pull your boat up on shore and picnic for the day. Tiogue Lake is another favorite of the locals in the area.

The state also offers you a boat ramp at this location as well. After you get into the water, you will be able to sail around 215 acres of the most beautiful freshwater you have ever seen. This area can become a little busy in the peak fishing season because it is regularly stocked by the local fish and game committee.

Probably the most popular boating locations in the area would have to be the waters surrounding Fort Adams State Park. This area allows you to launch your boat around Newport Harbor. Narragansett Bay is only minutes away after you’re in the water and allows for some beautiful sightseeing. Few people find it necessary to travel that far away from the Newport Harbor though. Newport Harbor is full of every type of sailing vessel that you could ever want to see. If you go to Rhode Island during the weeks preceding the annual regatta, you will see most of the boats sailing the waters in preparation for the main event. Small boats, like the J/22’s, are scattered everywhere around the harbor with tourists snapping pictures of Rhode Island from the water. This is the one place in the water where you can see people from all skill levels of sailing enjoying an afternoon together.

There is an endless number of places to go boating or sailing while you’re visiting Rhode Island. After you’re sure of the area you’ll be staying in, contact the local Department of Environmental Management for a list of the lakes and ponds surrounding you. Your options are limitless when you are visiting the Ocean State.