Buses in Rhode Island

There are many different ways you can travel to Rhode Island, but traveling by bus seems to be one of the local favorites. Traveling by bus affords the opportunity to not only see the sites of Rhode Island but to also get to experience all of the other sites along the way. Peter Pan Bus lines are one of the long-distance bus services that carry travelers around the northeastern states. Most of their daily schedules are routes running throughout Massachusetts, but they do have many drop-off/pick-up points in Rhode Island as well. These buses are equipped with state-of-the-art seating systems to allow for a spacious and comfortable ride for its riders. Some of the buses are equipped with restroom facilities, but some of the services used for closer destinations are not. Greyhound is another long-distance bus carrier operating throughout the state of Rhode Island. This bus line serves most of the United States with terminals located throughout the nation.

Greyhound has been one of the most reliable forms of transportation for the past 50 years gaining most of its popularity from the younger generation with little money to spend on airfare. You can reach Rhode Island from pretty much any of the 50 continental states using this bus system. The earlier you reserve your tickets the less fare you are also charged. If you advance to purchase your ticket, it is possible to travel from one side of the U.S to the other for less than $200! That’s a huge cut in ticket price when you think of the cost of airline tickets from the same destinations. Greyhound has over 3700 different locations throughout the U.S. and can drop you off in 5 different locations in Rhode Island. The stops in Rhode Island include Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth, Providence, and the TF Green Airport.

As far as local bus lines are concerned, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) assures that all residents and tourists have a reliable form of transportation to get around the state. RIPTA has taken special care in securing 58 bus routes running over 3,300 daily trips throughout the state. From any given point in Rhode Island, you can catch one of the 85 different buses and continue on to your point of interest.

Rhode Island has made every possible adjustment to make your trip by bus the most comfortable and efficient way of traveling around the state.